Mission Statement

The New Hope mission statement originally comes from our denomination, and is a statement of the fundamental purpose of any local church:

The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement reflects what we are called to be and do as we move into the future:

Sharing hope through engaging worship and growing faith in Christ.

Guidelines for Ministry at New Hope

  1. Root and Grow with Scripture, prayer, witness, and disciple-making

  2. Support and Cooperate with others in ministry and other churches

  3. Welcome and Communicate with all in our church and community

  4. Partner and Prepare as a team with written goals and tactics

  5. Steward and Account for time, space, and financial needs

  6. Evaluate and Adapt annu ally with the Leadership Board for fruitfulness

Our History

Spring/summer 2019

Our growing ministries require more space! Our leadership team continues to investigate options that will support the mission and vision of our church family and church community.

September 2018

The New Hope family welcomes Deacon Ellen Williams into ministry at New Hope. Deacon Ellen is a chaplain at Green Bay’s St. Vincent Hospital and will serve New Hope alongside Pastor Rebecca. Welcome Ellen!

September 2017

Celebrating years of growth, New Hope adds to the Sunday schedule to allow expanded discipleship opportunities and community outreach. Sunday September 10th kicks off the 2017 Sunday School year and new Worship schedule: 8:15 and 10:30 am.

March 2017

New Hope is growing! With worship attendance nearing maximum capacity, we announced the addition of a second service this fall. Starting September 10th, worship will be held at 8:15 and 10:30 with Sunday School for children held 9:30 - 10:15. 

July 2014

With joyful hearts, we welcome Pastor Rebecca and her family to De Pere and the New Hope family. Pastor Rebecca comes to New Hope from a vibrant background in ministry and a passion to serve. Read more about her here.

The entire church shares her excitement for the future of New Hope, outreach within our community, and vision for spreading God's love everywhere.

June 2014

Pastor Mike Herdt and wife Pat relocate to the warmer climate of Arizona. We celebrate their two years of faithful service and share in joyful hope of a healthy future.

October 2013

New Hope has always been a place which fosters leadership. New Hope member Jim Aniol has been pursuing ministry. In October 2013, the New Hope Church Council held a Charge Conference to vote on Jim's candidacy for pastoral ministry. New Hope is proud to affirm Jim's passion but sad to say goodbye as he and the Aniol family relocate to serve another church.

Spring 2012

Pastor Greg is called to serve another church in Madison, Wisconsin. We celebrate the amazing work and sacrifice made by Pastor Greg, Kerry, and Rebekah Jewison. Their strength and prayerful dedication has been a true testament to God's work in our community.

It is with warm hearts and open arms that we welcome Pastor Mike Herdt and his wife, Pat. Their passion and contagious energy for sharing the Good News make them an excellent addition to the New Hope family.

March 2010

New Hope sends relief supplies to earthquake disaster zones in Haiti and Chile. Our youth reach out closer to home, taking the first of two mission trips in 2010 to help the poor in Milwaukee.

July 2009

A team of six members of New Hope visit the congregation's partner church in Ruse, Bulgaria to continue work and strengthen relationships. Specific projects include children's ministries, visiting with the elderly, and participating in worship services. Both Americans and Bulgarians learn about God's love from each other!

June 2008

A team of seven members of New Hope visit the congregation's partner church in Ruse, Bulgaria for the first time. Both churches learn how to work together to bring God's love to their respective communities.

May 18, 2008

New Hope is chartered as a permanent congregation of the United Methodist Church. The 4:00 p.m. celebration includes a worship to admit charter members, followed by the congregation's first Charge Conference.

January 2008

New Hope enters into a mission partnership with a church in Bulgaria. The congregation in the city of Russe, Bulgaria was one of only three Methodist churches in the entire country to survive four decades of communist persecution. Since the fall of communism, the church in Russe has helped to launch three dozen new congregations. New Hope raises funds so that a pastor can begin serving there.

December 2006

We celebrate many "firsts" this month, including our first baptisms, our first reception of church members, our first Christmas Pageant, our first Christmas Eve service, and our first church dinner.

September 24, 2006

New Hope holds its Grand Opening, with a 9:00 a.m. contemporary worship service attended by 114 persons. A few dozen guests from surrounding churches are excited to learn that more than 60 persons are now committed to participating in the church. This is a tenfold increase since March! New Hope's staff is introduced, including a full-time office manager, three youth directors, two children's coordinators, and a director of music. All, including Pastor Greg, serve as volunteers!

November 2005 - Spring 2006

In late 2005, Pastor Greg Jewison hears God's call to plant a church. He is authorized by our bishop to organize a congregation in the De Pere area. Pastor Greg begins working as a full-time volunteer, with the title, "Church Planter."

A "Core Team" of six people gathers in the dining room of Pastor Greg's home to worship, seeking God's help for starting a church. From March through September, the team meets a few hours weekly to coordinate "the launch." Team members personally donate nearly $200,000 to this ministry, as well as countless hours of prayers and hard work.