Instead of the maze of committees committees typical of church leadership, New Hope's Accountable Leadership Board consists of approximately 12 leaders encompassing all the duties of other committees. Best of all, prayer and discernment are the keys to all decision-making! With Christ at the helm, leaders are driven to accomplish the mission of the church! If you feel called to serve on the board or in any leadership capacity, contact any member of the board or Pastor Rebecca.

The board meets monthly, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Check the church calendar for details. 



Pastor Rebecca Voss



Staff/Parish (SPRC)

Staff/Parish (SPRC)

Scot Deering Tom Buechler David DeLeon Ruth Hunter

Life-Long Discipleship


Hospitality and Membership


Penny Clark** (open) (open) Katy Gertz

Outreach and Missions

Children and Family



Julia Lubinski (open) Dave Bernarde Farah Vogt

* Currently serving in more than one capacity.
** Current serving as co-chair