Frequently Asked Questions

When are your Sunday worship services?

We worship at 9:30 am every Sunday morning. 

how are my children welcomed into worship?

Children of all ages are welcome at New Hope! God put the wiggle in children; don’t’ feel you have to suppress those wiggles in God’s house.

  • Consider sitting at one of our family tables where it is easier for your little ones to engage. At the tables, we offer quiet activities that allow children to play while they are listening to worship.

  • If you are able, you can explain the parts of the service and actions of the pastor, musicians, and leaders. Pastor Rebecca uses many images on the screens to engage all ages of children during the message.

  • It's always fun to watch your children learn the current Christian songs we sing in worship as well as the traditional "Lord's Prayer".

  • We welcome movement! You are welcome to come and go during the worship service. As Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”

  • There is a staffed nursery with changing table available for ages 5 and under in the front entry way.

  • If your child is beyond the age limit for nursery, be sure to pick up a “busy bag” for them to bring in the service. For your older children, there are “sermon notes” sheets located on the welcome table for them to complete during service.

How should I dress?

Many people at New Hope Church dress casually. If you prefer to dress more formally, you are welcome to do that also. We believe that God is far more concerned with what's on the inside than what's on the outside, so don't be overly concerned with how you are dressed.

What is your worship like?

We begin our worship with music led by a talented and devoted band that speaks to your heart through song!  The music is usually about four current Christian songs you would hear on Christian radio stations.  And, yes, New Hope does occasionally sing traditional hymns with a more modern feel.  The words to all of these powerful songs are projected on big screens so you can sing and move along. 

We want all people to feel welcome with us!  The worship services are vibrant in spirit, as well as relational to anyone wanting to grow in their faith.  We offer coffee and treats that you are welcome to eat and drink during the worship service in the Celebration Center. Please feel free to bring your own water bottles or travel mugs to refill as you worship. 

The pastor's engaging message usually lasts about 20 minutes. The message is profound as Pastor Rebecca shows us how the Bible is still relevant today.  Her messages relate God's truths found in the Bible with stories, cartoons, and examples to our everyday lives.  We want to learn and be reminded of those Biblical truths so we can keep growing in our faith, hope, and love.  

During our worship services, we pray together as a Body of Christ.  We understand that through prayer we are in conversation with God.  We share personal concerns, as well as ask prayers for family, friends, and our world.  We trust God hears our prayers and answers them according to God's Will.  We believe prayer is powerful.  Together we pray the Lord's Prayer, knowing we are all God's children, asking for God's love to guide our actions here on earth. 

When is communion served in worship?  Can I join in?

Jesus' last supper with his followers before he died and was resurrected continues as an ongoing reminder of Christ's presence with us as His followers today.  We offer communion on the first Sunday of every month towards the end of the worship services.  We welcome all people of all ages and all backgrounds who want to know and love God and one another more to participate with us with open hearts but no pressure. New Hope offers both regular and gluten-free bread, representing Christ as the Bread of Life, which you then dip in a cup of grape juice, which symbolizes God's forgiveness.

How long are the worship services?

Our worship celebrations are about 60 minutes in length. We have time for fellowship before and after worship, and you are welcome to stay a little longer and make new friends.

What can you tell me about the Methodist Church?

The United Methodist Church is the third largest Christian group in the country, behind Catholics and Southern Baptists. There are 38,000 United Methodist congregations in the U.S. Worldwide, there are 70 million Methodist Christians. In the Green Bay area, there are nine United Methodist congregations. For more information about the United Methodist Church, see our denomination's website at To find out more about what United Methodists believe, check out

Do United Methodists have something like a pope?

No pope, no central office and no archbishop. United Methodists have a structure that in some ways parallels that of the U.S. government. The church has a General Conference, its legislative branch; a Council of Bishops, somewhat like an executive branch; and a nine-member Judicial Council, the judicial branch.

Do you do missionary work? What kind?

United Methodists serve the world by sharing and showing Christ's love through words and deeds. From sustainable water systems to health care, micro-lending, advocacy and a plan to eliminate deaths from malaria (Imagine No Malaria), United Methodists have many ways for people to live out their faith.  Many United Methodists are active in both local missions and global efforts.

New Hope has been very involved in serving both the community and the world.  Our children, youth, and adults have been active for many years with Feed My Starving Children, Operation Christmas Child, Vida Nueva Christmas gifts for children, St. John's homeless shelter, De Pere Christian Outreach Food Pantry, Freedom House, Golden House, and other local missions.  In addition, many youth and adults have participated in mission trips to Pennsylvania, Rockford, IL and Superior, WI. 

What do you do with financial donations?

When you give to a local United Methodist congregation, you support ministries all over the world. While the largest percentage of your gift supports local church ministries, a portion (called an "apportionment") goes beyond the community to make a difference throughout the world.

Is New Hope open to people with a non-Methodist background?

Absolutely!  New Hope is open to people from a variety of religious backgrounds, or even no faith background. You may have never attended a church in your life or, maybe you grew up in a church, but haven't been active for a long time. Or, maybe you are new to the Green Bay/De Pere area and are looking for a church home. Whatever your background, we want to welcome you warmly, help you to grow in your faith, and reach out in service alongside you.

Where does your church meet?

Our church gathers at 1950 Dickinson Road (near Swan Road), less than 1/2 mile east of East De Pere High School and only minutes from Green Bay. Dickinson Road is also called Chicago Street and County Highway G. We believe that our church is not a building but a people who share their lives in service and worship. As our mission grows, we're keeping our eyes open for a larger space as a base to grow in our faith and serve the community.