Vision Planning

At the end of 2013, New Hope Church Council left off with the goal to begin vision planning for New Hope in 2014. The church body is now working towards redefining New Hope and the direction of the church within the community. 

Vision Planning is not a one-meeting discussion, but rather many conversations where we will explore who we are, who we serve, and how we serve.

As a reminder, Church Council meetings are open to anyone - even those not officially serving on Church Council. 

Phase 1: Exploring Who We Are

January/February 2014

Faith Community vs. Traditional Church:

Currently, where do you think New Hope lies on the spectrum?


Provide Input:

What are New Hope UMC's strengths? 

What are our weaknesses?

What opportunities do you see for New Hope? 

What are your concerns for the future of New Hope?  

Written thoughts can be returned to the Vision Communication Table located in the front foyer. Or email your feedback to Jennifer Watson. Your feedback will help guide discussions during New Hope Church Council’s planning meetings.

We invite you to attend the Church Council meetings and participate in the vision planning process. If you would like to receive a phone call to talk further about this process or share your thoughts; please feel free contact Church Council Chair, Jennifer Watson.

Strategic Planning Process 

3 Step Process:
Explore / Apply / Implement


  • Faith Community vs. Traditional Church

  • Current State – Organizational Map

  • Membership Demographic Review

  • Simple Church Key Points

  • Financial Health


  • Identify Key Focus of New Hope

  • Reorganization of Structure

  • Short Term Goals for 2014 


  • Identify Work Team / Team Leads

  • Report Outs